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The Auguste Gate

Heritage Site

We experimented with the creation of an augmented tour of the Auguste Gate in collaboration with the City of Nîmes.

The public is invited to explore the site with the Reveality app to bring Vivien Barrière to life, a tour guide sharing anecdotes about the gate's history.

The tour is enhanced with sound content and archival images directly accessible through the app.

The experience was produced in a remarkably short timeframe of 6 hours (including writing and production) thanks to the post-production tools provided by Reveality, which enabled us to capture on-site content using a simple smartphone (see photos).

The project will be publicly presented for the Heritage Days 2023.


  • Nîmes City
  • Museums and Heritage Direction
  • Vivien Barrière, researcher and lecturer in history and archaeology at Cergy Paris University.
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