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Environ Alger

AR Photo Exhibition

The project

We created an Augmented Reality experience within the framework of a photography exhibition, in collaboration with young students in the process of professional integration.

The goal was to establish a connection between the work of two photographers whose pieces were showcased in the exhibition: on one hand, Raymond Depardon, renowned for his photographs capturing urban everyday life, and on the other, Kamel Daoud, whose shots depict landscapes devoid of human presence.

Students were prompted to film themselves interpreting movements and dances inspired by Raymond Depardon's photographs. These recordings were subsequently integrated into Kamel Daoud's images using Augmented Reality.

This Augmented Reality experience was unveiled during a grand inauguration evening. Visitors were able to use the free app Reveality to poetically observe the incorporation of the students into the photographs.

Reveality's role

The project was developed within a particularly tight timeframe, involving a few hours of workshops with the students, followed by a few hours dedicated to post-production before an immediate public release.

The utilization of tools from the Reveality platform significantly expedited the post-production process, notably the video clipping to remove backgrounds and retain only the students' bodies. The Reveality app, compatible with Android and iPhone, facilitated an immediate release without the need to create and publish a dedicated mobile app.


With the participation of Jean Jaurès College, Cerene College, IRSAM Clairefontaine, and Lumière High School.

Exhibition details

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