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Our Olympic Games

Participative Creation

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The project in a nutshell

  • Creation of an Augmented Reality exhibition with and by apprentice judokas
  • Carried out with 120 students (7-20 years old), in 2 cities in Brazil
  • 10 workshops per group of 10-15; about 1h30 per workshop
  • Theme: Olympics and politics
  • Final result of the work in the form of an Augmented Reality exhibition showcased in 12 dojos accross 5 brasilian states (4,000 students)
  • The Revy app was used to animate the workshops
  • After the workshops, students can keep creating on their own with the Revy app


More infos about workshops

Workshops in 4 steps

1. Initiation

Discover augmented reality by watching existing content. Demo of how to create augmented reality by filming yourself with the Revy app.

2. Creation

Get inspired together and create content mixing real and immaterial.

3. Group presentation

Showcase your work to others, share your creative process.

4. Permanent exhibition

Showcase the work of students in a high quality format. Exhibition in several locations using the Revy app and image markers.

More infos about workshops

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